Just me

I started sewing when I was very young on a treadle sewing machine.  My grandmother and mother both sewed.  I miss my talented Grandmother very much, but I thank her for the talents she left me.  My mother enjoys quilting and tried to interest me sooner, but it took a while!  I sew, quilt, crochet, knit, and cross stitch.  There are other handicrafts that I know how to do, but don't do them often.  During the day I homeschool my two children and in the evenings I'm an interior designer.  After teaching a wonderful group of young ladies to quilt this past school year, I was asked by many parents if I had considered giving sewing lessons.  After plenty of thought and prayer I have decided to take up that adventure.  Is there something you would like to know about me that I haven't mention?  Please send me a note with your question!