Things we can always use....

If you have any of the following you wish to donate, it would be appreciated.  Sometimes people inherit craft and sewing supplies and don't know what to do with them.  I would like to keep them out of the trash and put them to good use!

Fabric - cotton, in good clean condition from smoke-free homes
Buttons - any and all
Batting - clean from a smoke-free home
Thread - any and all
Sewing Machines - I have some students that don't have their own machine, so any machines that are donated will be looked over and oiled and given to those students who are in need of them.  Willing to take machines that have their parts, especially the pedal. 
Ribbon - any and all
Misc supplies - thimbles, needles, pincushions, etc
Beads - any and all
Cross Stitch - material, floss, and patterns
Quilts - finished or unfinished, condition not important, I will fix them up and give them to good homes.

If you have a craft or sewing supply that you don't see listed, but would like to donate it, please send me an email, it just might be something I forgot to add to the list!