Quilt from baby clothing

Can't bear to part with your children's baby clothing, but don't want it just sitting in a box?  I can turn those memories into a quilt.  Please email me today to discuss a baby clothing quilt!

Baby Doll quilts

Does your child's baby doll need a quilt?  Email me today for more information about baby doll quilts!


Doll House Or Custom Room Box quilts

Have you created a beautiful room box and want a miniature quilt custom made to match the room and period of time?  I am now taking orders for custom quilts.  They will be create 1:12 scale and using the colors and materials you select.  Email me today for more information or to start the ordering process.

Loved one lap quilts

A few weeks ago I lost a dear friend.  Today while talking to a close friend of hers, he mentioned that they had cleaned out her closet.  Then it occurred to me that it would be nice to have a special way to save a little of her clothing to remember her by.  

If you have lost a loved one and want to have a lap quilt to remember them by, I would be honored to have the privilege of creating one for you!  Make sure you save some of your favorites and send me an email so we can discuss the details.  Prices will vary based on size and desired pattern.

Custom work

Do you have a sewing project that you would like to hire someone to do?  I accept custom orders for a large variety of items.  Please email me today to discuss your sewing needs.